Sponsors & Partners


The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute is an Oakland-based nonprofit with over 2500 academic and professional members throughout the world who share a common interest in reducing the effects of earthquakes on society. EERI is the lead organization for this coalition. EERI has two co-sponsors in the Concrete Coalition – the Applied Technology Council (ATC) and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center (PEER). The Applied Technology Council is currently preparing a federally funded national plan for the development, maintenance, and implementation of guidelines for the rehabilitation of existing buildings with important connections to the effort to reduce risks in concrete buildings. The Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center is also working on a related effort, to develop technical procedures to identify dangerous concrete buildings and develop cost-efficient retrofit measures.


The Concrete Coalition is building partnerships with organizations that share common goals in understanding and reducing the risks associated with older concrete buildings.  Partners to date:

American Concrete Institute

Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Los Angeles

Structural Engineers Association of California

United States Geological Survey

Retrofit concrete building after Northridge earthquake

Retrofit concrete building after Northridge earthquake